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Dog Doorstop

Dog Doorstop


 The design is a Black labrador on linen square appliqued front and back onto red velvet, black velvet or green velveteen.

I have designed the opening at the top, I find this a stronger closure than on the base. You fill with rice or filling of your choice. They can take upto 3 kilos of rice if you want a really heavy doorstop. Simply pour rice into the top then close with the concealed velcro fastening. The handle is stitched on top of the fastening to make a nice finish, with 2 decorative buttons, these may vary from the picture. I double stitch all the seams .

Measurements: approx height 7 inches, width approx 8 inches and depth 3 inches. Price is for 1 doorstop unfilled.  I can post ready filled but that would incur a P&P charge.  Please email me if you have any questions.



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